Monday, November 15, 2010

Extracting data from Sybase SQL Anywhere using SSIS through ODBC

Recently I had to evaluate a few products for a data migration from Sybase SQL Anywhere 10 database to PostgreSQL database. SSIS was one of the tools. This post explains what I did to extract data from the Sybase database.

Step1: Create DSN

The first thing I did was to install SQL Anywhere on my computer so that it installs all the ODBC and OLE DB drivers. In my case I used the ODBC driver for SQL Anywhere 10. I created a system DSN using the odbc driver. I used the following values for the connection properties,

In ODBC Configuration for SQL Anywhere 10,
Under ODBC Tab,
I have given a name for my Connection in "Data Source Name" field.

Under Login Tab,
I have selected the "Supply User ID and Password" option and entered the credentials there.

Under the Database Tab,
Server name: The Name of the Sybase Server you are connecting to
Database name: The Name of the database.

And finally under Network Tab,
I have selected TCP/IP checkbox and entered the following details in the textbox next to it,
HOST=IP Address of the server;PORT=port number sybase server listens to(default 2638)

Go back to the ODBC tab and click on the "Test Connection" button which should give a test successful message box if everything went well.

Step2: Create Connection in SSIS

In SSIS, right click on the connection managers secsion and select ADO.NET connection. On the Connection Manager window, you need to select "odbc data provider" for the Provider. Then select the System DSN you created in the Use User or System data source name combo box. Test the connection to ensure that the connection is working.

Step3: Configure Data Reader Source

Inside a Data Flow Component, drag and drop a Data Reader Source and open its properties window.

Under the Connection Managers Tab,
Select the ADO.NET connection manager we just created from the Connection Manager combo box.

Under the Component Properties Tab,
Under Custom Properties, type in the Select Query in the text box next to "SQL Command" field.

In the Columns Mapping Tab,
Check whether the columns selected in the Select Query are correctly mapped with the out put columns. Generally these two should be identical. Press ok to close the window.

Ok now you are ready to extract data from a SQL Anywhere table. You can connect the dataflow with other transformations/Destinations.



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